How Has Your Non Profit Functioned During the Pandemic?

When you joined the Junior League in your city, you were hoping to connect to like-minded women who were eager to make time in life’s busy schedule to do some good in your small part of the world. you partially joined to make friends, too, because you had just returned from five years living abroad in Mexico. In addition, you joined because partnering with a service-minded organization felt like an acceptable monthly or bimonthly escape from your new life as a full-time single mother.
This current League year your official role was Vice Chair of the New Member Committee. It is your entry step into the leadership level of the League, which includes roles that demand energy, focus, dedication, and innovation, much like a career, motherhood, or marriage, which most ladies juggle the combination simultaneously. You have truly met some of the least selfless, most socially conscious and disciplined community advocates over these past four years, and it has been an added bonus that you ha Continue reading

Why You Need a White Label Partner Program

Businesses need to keep up with the rapid changes in the digital world. Even those who create and maintain websites or marketing agencies that run thousands of ad campaigns need to continue evolving.

Most clients these days are aware of what an SEO can do to boost their sales and brand awareness. Due to this, they’re looking to partner with companies that can provide SEO services as well.

You don’t have to lose your clients because you don’t offer these services. A white label SEO agency can help you maintain – and even increase – your clientele.

Become an all-in-one provider with a white label partner program. You’ll be able to retain your clients and provide expert results without having to train new personnel.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO seeks to allow established businesses to provide their clients’ comprehensive digital services. When you go with a white label partner program, you enter a partnersh Continue reading

Semify Reviews SEO

Hiring a white label SEO reseller to help your agency grow revenues is an outstanding idea. With the COVID recession of 2020, many consumers moved online while they were stuck at home. This means that the digital marketing space has exploded.

Agencies throughout the United States are moving to capitalize on this trend. For many, this means building a serious SEO business – which is difficult.

Semify is a US-based white label SEO provider. They offer SEO services to Agencies since 2008.

They are widely known for their excellent customer service, engaged staff, and outstanding SEO results.

Based in Rochester, NY, they have a strong company culture, which shows through in the semify reviews, employee feedback, and on their Facebook page. Here is a Semify review from Yelp:

Semify believe that agencies can grow by working together. They believe there is strong revenue potential in digital marketing, and that small businesses have a great shot at achieving their dreams if they learn how to do high quality search engine optimization. You can also find white label SEO Utah at other sites. Another review of Semify:

white label SEO Utah