How Has Your Non Profit Functioned During the Pandemic?

When you joined the Junior League in your city, you were hoping to connect to like-minded women who were eager to make time in life’s busy schedule to do some good in your small part of the world. you partially joined to make friends, too, because you had just returned from five years living abroad in Mexico. In addition, you joined because partnering with a service-minded organization felt like an acceptable monthly or bimonthly escape from your new life as a full-time single mother.

This current League year your official role was Vice Chair of the New Member Committee. It is your entry step into the leadership level of the League, which includes roles that demand energy, focus, dedication, and innovation, much like a career, motherhood, or marriage, which most ladies juggle the combination simultaneously. You have truly met some of the least selfless, most socially conscious and disciplined community advocates over these past four years, and it has been an added bonus that you have been able to make use of your internet marketing knowledge to help the entire group.

What you did not know when you joined as a volunteer is that you were enrolling into a sisterhood of both empathy and of advocacy. Prior to Covid, you had your Wednesday night rhythm whether it was to socialize, volunteer, or train with the League or the close friendships you were developing. This group has helped you be a healthier person and a better mom because you had a purposeful reason to step away from your single mom arena for a few minutes every week. Learning to integrate the white label reseller business skills that you have used in your career in an entirely different setting has been a major bonus.

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When Covid hit, however, your group became even more important. In a matter of weeks, you lost all your arranged income with substituting, events, tours, and luxury sales. As a result you were left with a lot of extra time. which for a person with your personality is a real challenge and a major level of discomfort. To fill your time, you volunteered for every shift that was available. could. A couple months into the reality of no income, those volunteer shifts with one of the local ministries became the groceries you and your daughter would depend on. The group’s virtual trainings towards racial justice, being an ally, and white privilege became your hobbies. The virtual socials or wild outdoor gatherings provided your sanity, and eventually many of the fellow members began asking you for some help with their online work. Providing white label reseller business skills that you have always taken for granted allowed you to help individual business owners while also making up some of the money you were missing.

You initially joined this group to give back and connect to more people, but it is now looking like you are receiving as much as you are given. This group of women have poured life back into you when your time was all you had to give, and has allowed you to learn new applications for your increasing white label reseller business skills. You have always enjoyed expanding your internet and digital marketing skills, but you would not hav imagined that you would have found so many applications for these skills that were previously used for white label reseller businesses.

Almost everyone has experienced major changes as a result of the pandemic. Those who have most successfully navigated the challenges have often been those who have transferred their best marketing skills to a digital format. Even after the pandemic, however, it is important to know that some of these skills will continue to be used. What is your business or non profit doing to adjust to the challenges that have been created by the pandemic? Most people will answer this question by saying that digital and internet marketing methods have helped fill the gaps caused by fewer or limited person to person experiences. Creating the best opportunities will continue to be a challenge for many businesses and groups.

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