Why You Need a White Label Partner Program

Businesses need to keep up with the rapid changes in the digital world. Even those who create and maintain websites or marketing agencies that run thousands of ad campaigns need to continue evolving.

Most clients these days are aware of what an SEO can do to boost their sales and brand awareness. Due to this, they’re looking to partner with companies that can provide SEO services as well.

You don’t have to lose your clients because you don’t offer these services. A white label SEO agency can help you maintain – and even increase – your clientele.

Become an all-in-one provider with a white label partner program. You’ll be able to retain your clients and provide expert results without having to train new personnel.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO seeks to allow established businesses to provide their clients’ comprehensive digital services. When you go with a white label partner program, you enter a partnership between your business and another company that is an expert in search engine optimizations.

Also known as a white label SEO reseller program, you’ll be receiving SEO services wrapped under your brand name. They’ll be working behind the scene, and your clients will see you as providing the SEO services to them.

Blurring out the transparency works out for both businesses who are under white labeled SEO programs. Your company gets to retain your clients and even scout for new ones.

On the other hand, the other company gets paid for their services without having to market their own. They understand that it can be hard to penetrate established businesses, so they offer a B2B model instead.

A white label SEO reseller will hand over all white label SEO reports to you without any branding. Your company can then include these in your own reports and stamp your logo on it, making it appear as part of the services you render for your clients.

Benefits of White Label SEO Partnership

The demands to run a business continue to add up as customers increase their expectations on their service providers. No longer do they need a marketing service only. Website development providers are also not a good choice. Most clients want service providers that handle almost all of the processes – from website development to marketing to SEO. Some even prefer to chuck in content generation.

With a white label SEO partnership, businesses that focus on one particular core competency can expand quickly without compromising their existing structure.

If you’re still on the fence about getting into a white label partner program, here are some advantages you can get from a white label SEO reseller program:

1. Better Results

SEO professionals don’t need to spend time marketing their services when they’re in a partner program. As a result, they can focus more on delivering better SEO analysis and reports for their client.

2. New Clients

Your service expansion to the SEO realm will help you attract more clients. It can help keep you ahead of your competitors since you offer additional services that they don’t. Your clients will now have a single point of contact for their business needs, whether for running ads or producing SEO content.

3. Faster Turnaround

Modularization is a given when two companies work on improving a client’s business. One handles the marketing while the other handles search engine optimization. Since they work independently, they can offer a faster turnaround time than having a single company do all the work.

What Constitutes an Effective White Label SEO Campaign

An effective campaign involves the following components:

  • Website content: Content is the lifeblood of every website. In a study conducted by Backlinko, Google places webpages with around 1,800 words in length on page one.
  • Link building: Pages that rank higher have high domain authority. Backlinks are what give a website high domain authority. The link-building process involves working together with other authorities in the niche through guest posting or product mentions.
  • On-page SEO: These technicalities are about the density of keywords in a content. Proper placement also plays a significant factor.

Boost Your Business with a White Label Partner Program

When you employ white label SEO reseller services, you’re taking the opportunity to improve your business. You become the single point of contact for your customers for all their digital needs without compromising on your company’s core competency.

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