Keeping Up With Search Marketing Trends

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Some people remember when internet marketing seems like a fad. Today, online marketing is clearly not a fad that is going to fade away. Online sales are responsible for more success among small businesses than any other form of transaction available to a modern business owner. This is why people that resell SEO content are so successful. Search engine optimization is a strategy for relying on keyword enriched copy to attract search engines to a page. This attraction means that a search engine is more likely to produce high results for a given page based on its use of keywords, meta text, bold and italic characters, and more. There are around three out of every four people using web searches today that say they would refuse to click on paid ads, choosing only to fall in organic search results instead. This is why search marketing continues to evolve. Some search marketing strategies that relied on pay per click ads and paid ad space have been phased out, though some large companies are able to continue affording paid ad space.

Most search marketing professionals can tell you that relying on organic results will improve the overall close rate of outbound leads, since SEO leads sport a 14.6 percent rate of closure, or sales based on a click through from a search engine to a site where there is an online store, which is considerably more effective than the 1.7 percent rate of closure that direct mailing or print ads can provide.

It is anticipated that in 2016, there will be more than half of the American retail sector marketing dollars that get spent on the management of web presence and online marketing, making traditional methods of marketing even more obsolete than they are at the moment. Being able to evolve your company position through search marketing may be a challenge if you are new to search marketing. The increased connectivity through smart phones and tablets mean consumers are increasingly informed about their shopping options, and the 94 percent of search marketing professionals that rely on tracking social media fans and followers suggest this trend is only going to continue to rise. The use of mobile devices for social media browsing is very popular, and the increased amount of access to making a purchase from a mobile device means that companies intent on growth need to consider the future of SEO and how it will affect their company.

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