How to Be a Successful SEO Seller in 4 Steps

Learn the seo trade

If you are going to try to be a successful as an SEO reseller, you have to know what your potential clients need and want and be able to have the services to offer them. Different clients have all kinds of different needs and if you are able to identify them, that will give you the upper hand. Here are the best tips for SEOs that will give you just that.

Online marketing

The first task on these ‘best tips for SEOs’ is to ensure that the client is alive and well on the online market. It is more important now and ever to have the right web design. The world is quickly becoming more digital than it is anything else and if there is no digital marketing, the business will fail. Small businesses in particular are guilty of putting online marketing on the back burner. The owners are usually the main ones marketing but only 88% of them actually know what they are doing. An owner’s priority should be to focus on the business itself. This is where they have the most expertise.

What can you do?

There will always be a ‘what can you do’ paragraph. You could use the best tips for SEOs your entire career but if you don’t put words into action, you will fail.

Offer help with their online marketing. To do that you will have to come across as an online marketing consultant right from the start. Your first consultation with a client should have them thinking of you as full of knowledge. Be prepared to show them reports of where they stand compared to their competition. Chances are, they will rank very low but that is a good thing for you. The worse the numbers look, the more they will realize how much they need you.

Website design and maintenance

A lot of owners do not even know that they need a website, as surprising as that sounds. Your job is to let them know why it is important to have and maintain a website or blog. They will probably be discouraged at how much time will need to be put in to their online presence. That’s where you come in.

What can you do?

Offer to set the website up and actually run it for them. Let them know that by letting you do this, it will ensure that their company’s website or blog is compatible with SEOs and that will bring in more visitors and traffic.

Social media

This is one of the most obvious and easiest areas to help. You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, email and more just to market from. There are so many ways to use social media to the benefit of the company. Again, however, business owners do not want to put their time into something like this. It’s normal for a business owner to be able to dedicate only two hours a week to social media.

What can you do?

More offers. Offer to be their social media expert. You can be the one to control their social media and use hashtags and keywords to generate interest.


Keeping things consistent makes life a lot easier. You should think about what kinds of services you can offer before even going into your first meeting with your first client and then keep to those services. If you add more along the way, let previous clients know you have more services and give the same options to everyone across the board.

What can you do?

If you only offer some services to some clients and not others, you will end up confusing yourself and your client. Decide what services you’re going to offer and then keep it that way picking and choosing from them as you promote yourself. However, if you decide what services you offer depending on the business you are trying to gain as a client, you will end up being all over the place.

There are many more services that you can offer and things that you can do to make yourself the best SEO reseller. However, following the best tips for SEOs will only get you so far. You have to be willing to step out and do the work yourself.

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